Increase the service life of your hydraulic hose

Hydraulic hoses can be expensive to purchase and maintain, especially where you are dealing with a large number of hoses across site. Read this blog to find out how to minimise these costs and maximise the use of your hydraulic hose.

What is the service life of a hydraulic hose?

A hydraulic hose can last up to five years.

Generally, the service life of a hydraulic hose is shortened by using cheap hydraulic fittings on a cheap hydraulic hose, poor routing, and external abrasion. Even the best hydraulic hose is susceptible to external abrasion against other hoses. The vibration of hydraulic hoses against each other causes the outer layer of the hose to wear away. Read our blog on how the best way to protect hydraulic hoses from external abrasion and ensure your hose is routed correctly with our 3 tips for hydraulic hose routing.

So, you may think the solution is to buy a better hose or a super fancy “abrasion resistant hydraulic hose”, however there is a cost effective and simple to install solution available – HoseMateTM.

What is the cost of a new hydraulic hose?

A hydraulic hose cost can range from $50 to $200+ depending on the length and width required.

However, when factoring in all the equipment needed to set up a hydraulic hose, this cost can quicky increase. A hydraulic hose and fitting are just the beginning to setting up your hydraulic assembly. As hydraulic hose applications vary and set ups can be expansive or across multiple machinery, this cost is further increased.

What is the cost of hydraulic hose repair?

The cost of hydraulic hose repair would depend on the extent of the damage caused to the hose. There are many hose damage types that may result on your hydraulic hose needing repair. The cost of a hyd hose repair can get quite expensive as it factors in the all the hydraulic hose repair equipment needed to perform the task. In some cases, it may be cheaper to buy a whole new hydraulic hose.

Avoid these costs and increase the service life of hydraulic hoses with HoseMateTM

Hydraulic hose protection is made easy with HoseMateTM. As HoseMateTM prevents external abrasion, the largest cause of hydraulic hose blow outs, it is thereby increasing the service life of the hydraulic hose.

HoseMateTM can minimise the number of times hydraulic hoses across your site need to be replaced and repaired by preventing hydraulic hoses from rubbing against each other.