5 causes of hydraulic hose failure

Common types of hydraulic hose failures

Hydraulic hose failures can have a significant impact on your workplaces machine availability, equipment downtime, and productivity. Managing hydraulic hose failures and preventing them is an important skill for anyone in the mining, construction, and heavy industries.

Learn how to identify the main causes of hydraulic hose failures and how they can be prevented using HoseMateTM.

While there are many types of hose failures, this blog will countdown the top 5 most common reasons hydraulic hoses fail.

5. Incompatible fluid

It is important to note that not all hydraulic hoses are compatible with all different fluids. Use of an incompatible fluid, with an otherwise excellent hose, can lead to disintegration of a hydraulic hose.

This can lead to hydraulic hose oil spills, personal injuries, and a costly environmental clean-up.

4. Improper assembly of hydraulic hoses

During the hydraulic hose installation process, numerous issues can occur that may impact the life expectancy of a hydraulic hose.

For example; contamination, debris becoming lodged inside the hose, and incorrect clamping.

3. Overheating of hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic hoses are often exposed to tough conditions, including extreme temperatures.

After long exposure to high temperatures, hydraulic hoses tend to harden and crack. This is often referred to as heat hardening or heat aging.

2. Poor routing

Routing a hydraulic hose can be a stressful job; navigating pivot points, other equipment, and the minimum bend radius of a hydraulic hose.

It is recommended to try route hydraulic hoses away from any potential abrasion points or areas where a significant bend in the hose is required. However, if a certain path is unavoidable, HoseMateTM can be used as a hydraulic hose positioning system. Use HoseMateTM to position hydraulic hoses of different sizes together.

1. External abrasion

The number one reason hydraulic hoses fail is due to external abrasion. Abrasion occurs when the hydraulic hose rubs against other hoses, metal edges, and rough surfaces.

Hydraulic hose external abrasion causes the outer cover of the hydraulic hose to wear and tear away.

The solution: HOSEMATETM

HoseMateTM is a simple and affordable solution to many of these causes of hydraulic hose failures.

Use HoseMateTM as a hose positioning system, prevent external abrasion and increase the service life of hoses.