How long does delivery take?

Your order will be sent via Australia post. Typical shipping times are 2 business days for Metro areas and 4 for regional areas

Do you accept overseas orders?

Yes. Our delivery prices are for Australia only. Please contact sales@hosemate.com.au about international delivery.

How has HoseMate been Tested?

HoseMate™ has been vibration, temperature and chemical tested. Testing was conducted in a controlled environment that sought to replicate the harsh conditions HoseMate™ can be used in. HoseMate™ performed exceptionally in all the testing. Testing procedures and results have been documented and are available upon request.

Where is HoseMate™ Made?

HoseMate is made and dispatched from National Plastics & Rubber in Sumner, Brisbane, Queensland. 

Why was HoseMate™ made?

HoseMate is a purpose designed solution that was created by NPR on approach by a client. HoseMate is trademarked, patented, and the trusted solution to hose failure.

Who are National Plastics & Rubber (NPR)?

NPR are creators of HoseMate.  NPR have been designing and manufacturing high quality polyurethane, industrial plastic and rubber products for the global mining, aviation, automotive and construction industry for over 24 years.

How long will my HoseMate™ last?

This will depend on the application and conditions it performs in. HoseMate™ has been extensively tested to withstand tough conditions. Typically, HoseMate will outlast the hose, and can be reused on several hoses.

Why are the tension straps blue?

The tension straps purchased with HoseMate™ have been heat stabilised, and extensively tested in the same conditions as HoseMate™. These are the only straps reliable enough to use with HoseMate.