The true cost of hydraulic hose failure

An unexpected hydraulic hose failure can have a significant impact on your machine downtime – but what’s the cost to your company and how can this be prevented?

What happens when a hydraulic hose fails?

When a hydraulic hose fails, there is often a large spill, that requires and specialised clean up crew, damaged equipment, and the potential for life threatening injuries. Read more on hydraulic hose injuries.

Due to the serious nature of hose failures, when a hydraulic hose bursts, you should expect a negative impact on your machine availability. Not only do you have to repair the broken piece or hydraulic system, but having a machine down can impact the downtime and productivity of your entire site.

This blog will dive into hydraulic hose failure costs and prevention – we’ve done the calculations so you don’t have to.

Cost of industrial hose failure

Using market research, our team have calculated the cost of downtime as a result of hydraulic hose failure caused by external abrasion.

How do you calculate machine downtime?

Starting broad, we estimated the average cost of downtime per hour for mining, metals and other heavy industrial Fortune Global 500 companies.

The average cost of downtime was found to be $187,500 per hour.

The average hours lost each month due to downtime is estimated to be 23. That is, 276 hours per year, costing you $51,750,000 ($187,500 x 276hours) a year in downtime!

The key to reducing this number is decreasing downtime relating to hydraulics.

What is hydraulic downtime?

Hydraulic downtime is the costs associated with lost production as a result of hydraulic hose failure.

We estimate that hydraulic hose failure, caused by external abrasion, accounts for 5% of machine and equipment downtime for mining, metals and other heavy industrial companies.

Taking the calculations from above, it is estimated that the cost of downtime per year is $51,750,00, 5% of which is $2,587,500.

if the hydraulic hose failure impacts a frontline machine, this cost is likely to be higher.

How to reduce hydraulic downtime

HoseMateTM is purpose designed to eliminate hose external abrasion, and prevent hose failures. Affix HoseMateTM to hydraulic hoses to reduce hose-on-hose abrasion.

HoseMateTM – your one-stop-shop to increasing hydraulic uptime!

How much can HoseMateTM save me in downtime?

The average cost of 10 HoseMateTM’s is $300.

If you were to purchase 1,000 HoseMateTM’s at a cost of $30,000, our research shows that 50% of downtime would be cut!

Therefore, by employing HoseMateTM on your mining site, you would save $1,263,750 per year in downtime.

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