5 major industries that use hydraulic hoses

Ever wondered where are hydraulic hoses used? This blog will delve into the top 5 industries where hydraulic hoses play an important role – that’s right, their use is so far reached that there is no one ‘hydraulic industry’. Hydraulic hoses are used across a range of industries for a range of purposes – from food production to mining.

However, that does mean the potential for hose failures to occur has also stretched across many industries. Wherever hydraulic systems are present – hose failures can occur…  

What can hydraulic hoses be used for?

Put simply, hydraulic hoses are used to transport hydraulic fluid between two ports or hydraulic components. As you can imagine, this system can have a lot of applications!

What industries are hydraulics used in?

1. Mining

Within the mining industry, there are a range of machines that use hydraulics. Notably, earthmoving equipment relies on hydraulic hoses to power their arms and lift the load. Other machines include; drill rigs, trucks, continuous miners, and dozers.

2. Construction

Overlapping with mining, the construction industry also utilises earthmoving equipment. Hydraulic hoses are used to assist machinery in lifting heavy construction materials.

3. Manufacturing

Hydraulic hoses are used in various ways during manufacturing processes, particularly along assembly lines and due to the growing use of robotics. Within the manufacturing industry, hydraulic hoses also find application in food production, automobile manufacturing, and even cheese production!

4. Automotive

Hydraulics in the automotive industry are used for a range of assemblies. Hydraulic system examples include; pumps, breaks, and motors. Hydraulic hoses find application all the way from the manufacturing process, to the equipment used to repair vehicles.

5. Agriculture

Hydraulic hose assemblies are commonly used on crop harvesting machinery. These machines, and their associated hydraulic hose systems, face harsh conditions. Hydraulic hoses used in farming face extreme weather conditions, daily UV exposure, and contamination from surrounding crops.

These industries usually contain complex hydraulic hose assemblies and systems where twisted hydraulic hoses are a common sight.

Twisting hydraulic hoses often occur as a result of poor hydraulic routing, leading to a decreased pressure flow, and contributes to hose external abrasion.

When dealing with complex hydraulic assemblies, we recommend following our tips on how to install a hydraulic hose, and when planning a route for your hydraulic hoses, don’t forget our top 3 tips for hydraulic hose routing.

Further to this, where hydraulic hose systems contain numerous and different sizes of hydraulic hoses, the potential for external abrasion increases. This is commonly seen in the mining industry where machinery may have multiple hoses running at once.

So, it is clear that hydraulic hose failures caused by external abrasion can occur in a range of industries – but the good news is, that means HoseMateTM can be used in all these industries too.

HoseMateTM is a purpose designed hydraulic hose positioning system – by creating a gap between hoses, HoseMateTM eliminates external abrasion increases the service life of hydraulic hoses.

It doesn’t matter which industries use hydraulic hoses, they can all use HoseMateTM!